Lack of knowledge in the garden of Eden

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I find it interesting how the fall of Eden was supposedly brought about by Eve chomping into the apple of knowledge. We never question the validity of that premise. Oh yeah, she did the one thing she wasn’t supposed to do.

But we’re talking about the beginning of time, humanity’s very inception. What knowledge even existed in those first few weeks and months? Adam and Eve didn’t even have clothing yet – which indicates no awareness of comfortable cotton garments in place of fig leaves which were unbearably prickly against their nether regions.

There was no Internet, no books, no newspapers, no social influencers (beyond a snake) – there was nothing at all beyond a garden populated by some creatures and two humans. There was no knowledge to be had. No knowledge to be shared.

If Adam had a Twitter account, the extent of his tweets would be: “Saw a new bird today. It had a green head but a red tail – whut!!” or “Watched a panda fall off a log today, sneeze, then jump in surprise at its own shenanigans. ROFL.” Eve’s tweets would be: “Took a different path to the pond this morning. Got bit by a mosquito. FML.” and “Just because I’m made from this guy’s rib doesn’t give him the right to mansplain every little thing to me! Grrl Pwr!”

For there to be knowledge there must be history, experience. Without eons of history behind them, there were no secrets, no hot gossip. There weren’t even stories. The sole current event was: Earth, created.

To claim Eve nibbled on a forbidden apple is to imply that she suffered from FOMO. But there was nothing to miss out on. There weren’t parties, treasure hunts, bungee jumping, or reality shows. Adam and Eve couldn’t learn about what the heck NFTs or cryptocurrency are, how celebrities are supposedly just like us, or ways to prevent cabin fever. It was just the two of them, doing the same limited activities day after day.

Eden was a beautiful garden to be sure, but the one thing that didn’t grow on trees was knowledge.