Coupon-clipping Porsche aficionados

Source: Wikimedia Commons

To the car dealership that mailed me a coupon for a Porsche: please send me a coupon for an Aston Martin.

What a random offer to receive. Bring this coupon in today and redeem for $1,500 off! What market research did this dealership do? I suppose it was just a mass marketing effort. Were those marketing funds wisely spent?

Those in the market for a Porsche are probably not in need of a coupon. And those who aren’t in the market for a sports car are unlikely to be motivated by a coupon to make a spontaneous purchase such as this. So, who is the target audience for this coupon? It’s just a gamble, really.

I myself am more of a practical car type. The aforementioned Aston Martin is what I would drive if I was a much better version of myself. To say that my wardrobe is primarily comprised of athleisurewear is far too generous; I’m in hoodies and elastic-waisted flannel pants around the clock. We’re in the midst of a pandemic after all, so why dress to impress?

But if I was the type to dress to impress, sported name brand sunglasses, carried a name brand purse, wore leather shoes instead of sneakers – and if I didn’t have need of a car seat in the back for my toddler – then I would be in the market for a 2014 Aston Martin DB9 in Amethyst Red. Especially if I received a $1,500 coupon for it.